Olivia Stone and the Trouble with TrixiesOlivia Stone and the Trouble with Trixies

Can a broken young girl help a guilt-ridden grotesque stop the monsters?

An Unprotected City

The Grotesque statues have been taken down from the roof of St. Giles Old Priory School. With the Guardians statue-trapped, there is no one left to protect Haven from the monsters.

Unexpected Heroes

Despite crippling injuries from a falling grotesque statue, twelve year old Olivia Stone finds herself on the front lines in the battle between Good and Evil.

Olivia needs to; rescue Yip, the smallest living grotesque and the cause of her accident, discover the hidden power locked within herself and find a way to out trick the trixies. But trixies know every trick in the book.

Trixies may look sweet and childlike but something nasty is drawing these solitary pests together and their pranks are turning deadly.

Five Stars   “This was a great read. Every chapter holds suspense and leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next. Not the usual Trixie tale.”
Gail Kamer
(Amazon review)

‘It has elements of a junior Stephen King novel, without being too graphic for sensitive children.’
Debra Clewer
(Goodreads review)

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Olivia Stone and the Trouble with Trixies : Jeffery E Doherty

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