NEON Calico : J. Webb Garrett

NEON Calico : J. Webb Garrett

NEON Calico : J. Webb GarrettNEON Calico

What is the worth of one’s humanity in the age of cyber-augmentation? What is the value of flesh when ceramics and chrome can make you stronger? Faster? Smarter? Better? A cyborg is the hybrid of man and machine, but how much “machine” can a person become before they lose the “man?”

Calico, a young cyborg Troubleshooter, struggles with these questions as she makes her way in the shadowy underbelly of the Chicago Metropolis. Having spent years running from a past that she can never escape, struggling with the heavy toll her freedom has cost her, Calico finds a chance to put it all behind her when her half-brother shows up from Hong Kong asking her to steal a data-file from their father’s company. The file – Project: Stray, her father’s final solution.

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