Need to Breathe : Ginny James


Need to Breathe : Ginny James

Need to Breathe : Ginny JamesOlivia
Nothing can derail me and turn my world upside down faster than Jordan and Ray. I want nothing more than to jump willingly onto this roller coaster, fueled by a decade of fantasies. Buckle up Liv, it’s time to let it all go.

My best friend and I made a pact long ago that Olivia was off limits. We both wanted her, but knew we both couldn’t have her, or could we? Seeing her in front of us now, neither of us are planning to walk away from her ever again.

The minute I saw her, she owned me completely. I lived in and out of hell for years without her, and the scent of roses still forces her memory upon me. Now that she’s within my reach, I feel as if it’s a dream, and I never want to wake from it.



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