The New Girl in Town : Nanny Fanny

The New Girl in Town: A Children's Book

The New Girl in Town : Nanny Fanny

The New Girl in Town : Nanny FannyThe New Girl in Town: A Children’s Book 

April May Potts has just moved to a new  town with her momma. April May has only one friend in her new home town, her scruffy dog, named Scout. Scout is NOT a one kind of dog. Scout is an every kind of dog. April May wants nothing more than to make new friends in her new home town and  her momma assures her that she will…in time.

Everywhere that April may turns, she finds that she just doesn’t quite fit in with the other children and the other children are not too kind to “the new girl”.

In the end, April May saves the day and the children discover that being “different’ may not be such a bad thing after all! April May does indeed make “more friends than she can count”, just as her momma said that she would!

This book is written for everyone, who has ever felt left out or different!

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