Moments of Pain to Perspectives : Emily Kay Tan

Moments of Pain to Perspectives : Emily Kay Tan

Moments of Pain to Perspectives

Challenges, struggles, traumas, failures, setbacks, and difficulties produce pain or misery. How you perceive them influences how you feel and behave. It affects your attitude and approach to life. As you journey through this book’s personal stories, you can put on different lenses to find relief from grief. New perspectives can be eye-opening and serve to alleviate pain and comfort the soul.

Tossed over to live in Grandma’s house in another state when she was five years old, little Emily unknowingly concluded that she was unwanted and unloved. She came to live as if she could not be wanted or loved by anyone. After all, her mom chose to send her away instead of her other siblings. Fortunately, as a mature woman, Emily discovered eye-opening perspectives that had her appreciate the lessons learned and the gems found from trauma. She even came to feel grateful and lucky that her mom sent her away to live with Grandma!

This book reveals real-life moments of pain to perspectives. Perspectives identified are those that yield beneficial outcomes to dreadful circumstances. The stories shared are actual instances, and the views expressed divulge the surprising effects that can lift spirits, produce space for relaxation, and tickle the soul with joy.

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