Milky Way Tango: Volume One of the Belt Stories : Roger Alan BonnerJimmy and Sarah have been close friends on Ambrosa since childhood. They discuss everything; they finish each other’s sentences. Shortly after becoming lovers, they encounter a dreadful stroke of bad luck. As a result of protecting Sarah, Jimmy receives a ten-year prison sentence on a navigational array near the North American nebula, over fifteen hundred light-years distant.

Like any nebula, the neighborhood is a beautiful, explosive, colorful, dangerous place. Asteroids routinely whiz past at 60,000 kph, and the sudden death of cold deep space ever waits.

Jimmy cannot have visitors on the array. His only companion an A.I., he turns to learning to work and survive in vacuum. It is a dangerous life, but he has no choice. He must learn or die.

Sarah pledges to wait for him, but Jimmy refuses to let her waste her youth. He tells her to get on with her life, and she tries to do exactly that. She attends a college on Ambrosa, makes a good friend, studies hard, and even tries to enjoy a bit of romance with a couple of men at the college. But to get on with her life, she must forget a sizable portion of it. It might be easier said than done. For Sarah, all roads lead to Jimmy.

Milky Way Tango is the first of a four-volume romance in a space opera setting.

A Thing of Dark Imaginings by Roger Alan Bonner is also on Whizbuzz Books.

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Milky Way Tango: Volume One of the Belt Stories : Roger Alan Bonner

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