Mary Bernadette : John F. Bronzo

Mary Bernadette

Mary Bernadette : John F. Bronzo

Mary Bernadette : John F. BronzoMary Bernadette : Secrets of a Dallas Moon

This is a young Vietnamese girl’s tale about the murder of JFK. Her name is Mary Bernadette and she is killed in the blow back of a secret CIA mission to Vietnam to capture the second gunman on the grassy knoll to shoot Kennedy, who in 1971 is a Russian adviser to the Vietcong. She speaks to you from her grave in this thrilling work of historical fiction, as she shares with you what the CIA does not want you to know.

However, the story is much more than that – it is a heart wrenching saga of love found and love lost, as a young man and a young woman take Frost’s path less traveled and pursue their dreams on a personal journey that spans the globe. I, as the author, may have created these characters, but my readers tell me that you will adopt them as your own, because they will force you to fall in love with them and their tragic tale.

For in the end, I believe we all have a personal journey within us, and I hope this story will help others find and tell theirs.”

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