Thrive : Mark Barnes

Thrive: Surviving in a Corporate Jungle

A light-hearted look at life in the Corporate Jungle. No science, no tips, no jargon – it’s called a Jungle for a reason…

You’ve decided you want to go work at Acme Inc, so you need to get yourself prepared for life in the corporate jungle. This book will introduce you to some of the animals you will meet in the jungle and describe in colourful details what life is really like as you explore the new reality you are faced with.

Or perhaps you are stuck in a corporate jungle and just want a different way to think about your daily life. Once you picture Peter, your boss, as a snake, you might naturally change how you behave around him, because we have instinctive reactions to animals but mistakenly assume we can apply logic when dealing with humans.

There is no reason you have to be content surviving in the corporate jungle. Through some of the illustrations and scenarios in the book, you may identify opportunities in your own corporation where you can thrive. There is no right way to thrive, there is only your way to thrive. One person may thrive by deliberately being difficult and obtuse, confident they are doing their best for the corporate, another may be deliberately disrupting and challenging the status quo. Imagining your own reactions and interactions in animal terms may be just the tonic you need, or may help you identify opportunities where you are surviving due to your animal behaviours and becoming a different animal would allow you to thrive.

Regardless of your reason for reading this book, it will hopefully bring something different to the daily grind of corporate life. Happy Hunting :)


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Thrive : Mark Barnes

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