Watch How You Treat Your Woman : Lisa Foster


Watch How You Treat Your Woman : Lisa Foster

Watch How You Treat Your Woman : Lisa FosterWatch How You Treat Your Woman

Meet three childhood friends who have been reunited after the death of Alana’s Father, they are about to find out that they have more in common than their long-term friendship of over the past fifth teen years.

Each of them has reached a plateau in their lives. Even though outwardly it seems to everyone else they reflect the appearance of true success, but each of them is inwardly seeking inner strength that is being destroyed by the men in their lives.

Elaine Wilson is a very intelligent young woman, that has always been an exceptional example to her peers. Even after becoming a highly respected partner in a very elite law firm. She is also married to a man that appears to be the ideal husband. Unfortunately he is a 7/24 hour a day street chasing ladies’ man. Elaine has found herself fed up with his head games.

Sadie Banks is a business owner with a ferocious temper and has a tenacious spirit for getting vengeance on anyone that deceives her,after catching her husband cheating on her again. She is now ready to active her ultimate plan of revenge into motion.

Alana Nichols has left a troubled but colorful past behind he, and has now achieved of becoming a Fashion model. After her Father unexpectedly passes away; she is blind-sided by the secret life that she has uncovered about her boyfriend who has been keeping it from her for the past two years. Alana is devastated when she finds out the real truth.

Elaine,Sadie and Alana only having the bonds of their friendship, as each of them navigate their way down a destructive path that leads them to the seven deadly sins.

It is only then they began to understand, that once they choose to stop living a lie and face the absolute truth about their live,It is now that they will be able to discover their own power within themselves.

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