The Juno Letters : L.W. Hewitt

The Juno Letters

The Juno Letters : L.W. Hewitt

The Juno Letters : L.W. HewittThe Juno Letters

Letters discovered in a tin box hidden in the foundation of a small cottage in Normandy reveal a terrible secret, a desperate whisper between the lines. Antoine’s world was collapsing.

His beautiful Marianne, his precious daughter Ariéle, missing. The lives of hundreds – perhaps thousands – of allied soldiers preparing to storm Juno Beach on D-Day literally are in his hands.

The Gestapo hunt him as a traitor – the French resistance as a collaborator.  As chaos erupts all around him, Antoine must choose – to find Marianne and Ariéle, or face Hell even if it means he could lose his family, his only friend, and his life.




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