Job 2.0 : Del Staecker

Job 2.0 : Del Staecker

Job 2.0 : Del StaeckerGod and Lucifer battle again for a single soul

God and Lucifer are at it again! Job 2.0 is an updated retelling of “Job”, one of the oldest books in the Bible.

More than three millennia after their first contest, the Creator of the Universe and his highest errant minion are struggling a second time over the fate of a single soul. The story takes place in modern times, using every-day language and ordinary life situations. For this battle, the center of their attention is not God’s most favored servant, rather, it is an everyday person.

What could this rematch mean for humankind when a nobody is in Lucifer’s cross-hairs? More importantly, what does it mean for us all?

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