The Monkey Soldiers : Jim Traylor

The Monkey Soldiers

The Monkey Soldiers : Jim Traylor

The Monkey Soldiers : Jim TraylorThe Monkey Soldiers

Bloody war, erotic sex, stoned out drugs, delicious decadence, exotic locations, heart pounding action.

This story brings together a menagerie of humans and primates who find themselves in a world of heroic action, comic absurdity, tearful sorrow and boorish behavior. Wartime love stories and erotic, tropical rhondavous counterbalance the hedonism and decadence served up by the biggest and hottest R&R bar in Bangkok Thailand: The FTA Club.

While Lieutenant Thurgood could not control his voluptuous, blonde wife, he could control primates and his alliance with Hanuman, the Monkey God, made him one hell of a savage warrior. Unaware of his Channeling and Telepathic abilities, he felt an irrefutable compulsion to work secretly with the CIA, to create a combat unit unlike any other in the history of warfare.

Meanwhile, in Bangkok, Thailand, his thrill addicted wife played in a world of illicit drugs and deviant behavior, while soldiers on R&R gambled for her sexual favors.

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