Invisible Leash : M . H . B .

Invisible Leash : M . H . B .

Invisible Leash : M . H . B .Invisible Leash

My name is Sage Cross.

A rich blonde to outsiders. With a 4.0 GPA.

Not that it matters. For all that my father thinks of me, I might as well tattoo the words trophy wife on my forehead.

I have a plan, though. It involves using his own weapon against him. By that I mean Lincoln Black, an attorney running for senator of New York. It sends the perfect message: my middle finger with a smile.

Power. Destiny. In a men’s world…

It takes sacrifice. It equals to a campaign with zero scandals. But with dark secrets buried ten feet under, it might be too much to hope for.

I’m ready to focus on my career. To pull on the power suit with my Louboutins. Until a storm comes whirling in, tempting me to risk fate a little. His name is Jacob Storm, a beautiful, self-made millionaire who doesn’t play by the rules of monogamy.

He wants me. I want him.

But at what cost?

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