Instruments Of War : John Briggs

Instruments Of War : John Briggs

Instruments Of War : John BriggsInstruments Of War

Stephen Hawking’s warning that humanity should never respond to alien communication has gone unheeded for too long, and now the human led United Planetary Coalition is faced with a seemingly insurmountable threat from a brutal and merciless race known as the Jaari.

With mounting casualties and obliterated colonies, the desperate UPC turns to conscripting prison convicts into active military service, with promises that these men and women will be turned into the next generation of super soldiers—the Avatars.

This includes disgraced starship Captain Joaquin Lafontaine, who sees this opportunity as a means to redeem himself.

However, the program is shrouded in mystery. Joaquin will discover the Avatar program’s true nature, and will struggle not only to defeat the Jaari against all odds, but to also retain his humanity—and perhaps his very soul.

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