We Found Somewhere : Heather Grant

We Found Somewhere : Heather Grant

We Found Somewhere : Heather GrantWe Found Somewhere

Abigail dreams of being an actress while she toils away as a barista in La La Land, until one customer proves to be too much and she’s pushed over the edge.

After unleashing her frustrations on the particularly snobby customer, Abigail loses her job, and the tirade ends up going viral after being caught on video.

Abigail is certain her dream is over before it ever began… Until she gets a call.

Practically overnight, she’s thrust into the spotlight on a real movie set, the first real part in her career.

There are lights, cameras, and plenty of action as she winds up entangled in the lifestyles of the rich and famous, as well as a love triangle with two of the hottest young actors in town.

Join Abigail on her romantic, empowering, passionate, and wild ride through the life she always wanted… but never really quite expected.

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