Insider’s Guide to the Successful Job Search : Rebecca Metschke

Insider’s Guide to the Successful Job Search : Rebecca Metschke

Insider's Guide to the Successful Job Search : Rebecca MetschkeInsider’s Guide to the Successful Job Search: Create a Winning Resume, Ace the Interview, Get the Offer, Take Charge of Your Career

The best qualified person doesn’t always get the job offer.

That may not seem logical, and might strike you as unfair, but it’s the reality of the hiring process. The best candidate, on the other hand, always takes the prize. And along with the job offer comes the freedom for that candidate to chart his or her professional course.

This comprehensive guide provides proven techniques and strategies – straight from an executive recruiter – that will significantly enhance your desirability as a candidate. It covers every aspect of the job search and gives you tips, tools and tactics you can use to create a professional advantage. Whether or not you’re currently engaged in a search, the book outlines steps you can take right now to increase your marketability.

Contents include:

  • The Winning Resume
  • Cover Letter: Useful Tool or Obsolete?
  • Acing the Interview
  • The Consummate Thank-You Note
  • Common Interview Questions
  • Questions Interviewers Shouldn’t Ask (But What if They Do?)
  • Getting the Most out of Your References
  • Executive Recruiters: What You Need to Know
  • Looking for a New Job Without Losing the One You’ve Got
  • The Passive Versus Proactive Job Search
  • The Waiting Game
  • Negotiating Your Compensation
  • Last Impressions: The Importance of Resigning Well
  • Succeeding in Your New Job: Hit the Ground Running
  • Managing Your Career
  • Advice for Candidates Over 50
  • Surviving a Layoff

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