Improving the Self : Anthony Michael

Improving the Self : Anthony Michael

Improving the Self : Anthony MichaelImproving the Self – What Should We Believe?

The facts and truths ‘according to Anthony Michael’, behind multiple belief systems, phenomena, ‘hypes’ and influences, that guarantee life progression, control of one’s destiny, success, or wise guidance. Demonstrated in a simple brief ‘snapshot’ presentation – subjects ranging from eastern influences, life/self help coaching, the ‘occult’, esoteric subjects, ‘The Law of Attraction’, tools of divination, real life success stories, and much more.

What may, or may not have worked for certain authors, individuals, authorities, experts, demographics, or celebrities, are looked at, and compared to whether ‘their’ templates for success, would also work with our dreams and desires. Whether based on historical facts or statistics, can we assume that a concept, system, formula, attitude, secret or phenomena, will prove to be successful with our endeavors? What should we follow? What works? Do we formulate our own template according to our current life status, intuition, synchronicities, skill set, beliefs, background, or size of our dream/s?

Self professed ‘philosopher’, ‘realist’, passionate author, inquisitive human being, and founder of electronica musical outfit ‘Tranz Mystique’, briefly analyses each subject, and places his philosophical spin on his findings, real life experiences, and what may or may not ‘really’ work for individuals, or the masses. Also, the benefits of customizing a ‘best of’ system, in order to progress to a ‘Higher ground’ – attaining a long life goal, sustained success, state of Nirvana, or achieving one’s ‘ultimate’ dream!

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