Hey God. Hey John. : John Roedel

Hey God. Hey John. : John Roedel

Hey God. Hey John. : John RoedelHey God. Hey John. : What Happens When God Writes Back.

John Roedel is a comic who began posting on Facebook about his ongoing faith crisis in 2015. What began as a flippant way of making light of his doubts in the Divine turned into something he wasn’t at all prepared for: God wrote back.

Since creating the popular “Hey God. Hey John.” blog on Facebook three years ago, John has tackled such topics as his journey to mental health wellness, his lack of faith, the joy and pain of raising a child with autism, and grief, all in the form of a simple conversation with God.

This is a “Dark Night Of The Soul” For modern times. It is 544 pages of a journey from doubt into hope where the reader will start to feel like each entry was written just for them.

John Roedel was the least likely person to ever write a book like this. That’s probably why you should read it.

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