Common Sense Leadership : Ronald Harper

Common Sense Leadership : Ronald Harper

Common Sense Leadership : Ronald HarperCommon Sense Leadership

Common Sense Leadership is full of insight and ideas. These give a different approach to leading. Leading is important. But, the qualities of a leader are only as important as those that need them.

Common Sense Leadership is encompassed by a psychological base. It isn’t rule bound nor instructive. It is meant to be elusive. It isn’t meant to identify anything that is either good, bad or indifferent.

Common Sense is Universal. Some of my writing will be. Insight and ideas are different. Their extent of use depends upon you; and how or if you would like to apply them.

Positive circling, sharing a vision, and managing energy are essential to a workplace. Running a workplace with raw energy is a challenge. Boundaries, leveraging against the downside, validating achievement, and spiking attitudes with a bonus help to control it. Understanding power and people also help. Many workers have been side tracked today.

I believe labels and talk have a lot to do with “not finding something better to do.” This doesn’t help us when it comes to working together.

Understanding your workforce and understanding how to create an environment that optimizes it makes sense. To lead with that direction makes sense as well. I am happy to share my interest in your efforts.

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