Harvey Hippo Wants to Fly : Lisa Sankar-Zhu

Harvey Hippo Wants to Fly : Lisa Sankar-Zhu

Harvey Hippo Wants to Fly : Lisa Sankar-ZhuFrom an early, kids should be thought that sometimes when they set out to achieve a goal the path to achieving it is not always clear cut or straight.

“Harvey Hippo Wants to Fly!” is about an adorable hippo who wants to fly but encounters many limitations as he tries to reach his goal. This entertaining story help show kids how to assess problems they meet and how to search for solutions. Harvey Hippo himself is cute any kid will love him. Parents can’t help but love him too, because the kid’s stories he appears in are inspiring.

Never mind that Harvey is quite young, he has big dreams and likes to try things his peers hardly ever think about doing. This, and the other stories for kids in the Harvey Hippo series, promise to delight and teach kids. Harvey is quite a character, curious, impulsive, funny, and a little bossy, at times. Understandably, at his tender age, he is inexperienced, which causes him agony and frustration whenever he ventures to do things beyond his capabilities, like many kids, in real life.

The Harvey Hippo series of stories for children would show kids that they are not alone when it comes to having to deal with failure or defeat. But Harvey doesn’t let his drawbacks hold him back in life. As shown in this particular book, his determination, open-mindedness, willingness to adapt and eagerness to learn from others see him through his difficult moments, helping him to achieve what he sets out to do, and at the same time helping him grow in experience.

Harvey Hippo children’s books is a must for every kid’s bookshelf. Harvey’s parents play a very important role in his life and often appear in his children stories from time to time. They are often amazed, amused and even bewildered by their son’s exploits. Though they sometimes don’t understand the things their son does, they do encourage and guide him, at the same time giving him enough space to discover his mistakes and find solutions on his own.

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