Half-Cut : Arnold Eslava-Grünwaldt

Half-Cut : Arnold Eslava-Grünwaldt

Half-Cut : Arnold Eslava-GrünwaldtDetectives from the Yonkers Police Department in New York find the victim of an apparent heart attack with the hair on the right side of his head shaved off. Although odd and out of place, the haircut doesn’t appear to be tied to the man’s death and the detectives put the case to rest.

Days later, however, they learn that the man with the unconventional haircut may have been the victim of arsenic poisoning and set out to investigate. Before they get very far, a witness goes missing and another dead man surfaces with the same hairdo.

Eventually, the detectives uncover a connection to a long-forgotten tragedy and, under the direction of their supervisor—Detective Sergeant Hamilcar “Ham” Hitchcock—work tirelessly to connect the dots and identify the killer or killers involved.

In the end, they discover, much to their dismay, that they’re not immune to tragedy themselves.


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