Game Theory : William Lange

Game Theory : William Lange

Game Theory : William LangeGame Theory

“Often exciting and absorbing, with a tough, hard-boiled style…,[Game Theory] combines the…atmosphere of pulp detective fiction with future-tech gizmos and accompanying paranoia… engaging and well-written.” Kirkus Reviews

It’s the future. Technology is changing the world. But change often comes with a high price. Nobody knows that better than detective Jack Waldron—technology killed his five-year-old daughter and caused his bitter divorce. Wracked with guilt, he drowns himself in whiskey and spends his off-duty hours in a virtual world he created to mirror the life he used to live. But when his ex-wife is brutally raped and murdered, everything changes.

Forcing his way into the case, Jack realizes her murder wasn’t the sex crime everyone believes it was. There’s more—much more. As he digs deeper, he uncovers a trail of clues that point to a conspiracy at the top of the world’s most powerful corporation. While the body count rises, the dangers mount. Before it’s over, Jack is forced to confront his dark past and fight to stay alive against a sinister plot that threatens all of humanity.

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