Freedom To Change : Greg Little, Kim and Stan Prachniak

Freedom To Change : Greg Little, Kim and Stan Prachniak

Freedom To Change : Greg Little, Kim and Stan PrachniakWhy You Are The Way You Are And What You Can Do About It

Freedom To Change presents profound truths about human nature and how we make choices.

We have three drives deeply embedded in us—the will to survive, to reproduce, and to make our lives easier and more pleasurable. These drives help form our beliefs, control our habits, and lead to our destiny as individuals.

We have a desire to organize things so that we can better control the chaotic world around us. Our beliefs are one way we organize and interpret the world.

Technology has seeped into every area of our lives making things easier and easier leaving us with more free time to ponder the meaning of our existence. What is life all about? Is there an underlying meaning and purpose to life? Here you will find practical answers to these important questions.

We make choices in every waking moment, but how free are we? Have our beliefs and feelings about ourselves and the world blinded us from the True Truth of existence? Research has shown that we tend to make decisions about 7 seconds before we know we have made them, leaving us with the illusion that we made a choice. How does that happen? We are genetically programmed to take the path of least resistance, leading us to think we are making conscious choices when the reality is that we often just take the easiest and most pleasurable path at any given moment. How do these powerful unconscious forces control our choices and behavior to such an extent that we are not aware of it?

These natural tendencies can be changed if you have the courage to examine how you lead your life. If you are seeking more from life or feel that something is missing, Freedom To Change offers a way to see reality more clearly. You have the freedom to change almost anything in your life if you understand and accept a few fundamental facts and truths.

You can change the world, one person at a time—starting with you. You can become your own Life Coach and your own mentor. In Freedom to Change, you will learn simple but profound secrets, you’ll discover how to find your true path in life and shape your own future.

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