Flying With Kindness : Eric Simmons

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Flying With Kindness : Eric Simmons

Flying With Kindness : Eric SimmonsSibling rivalry, a cranky little boy, and a frustrated mother could be any parent’s typical day.

Flying With Kindness is a deeply moving story and travel adventure to the Grand Canyon.

It’s a book about a boy named Basil and the normal sibling rivalry with his younger sister, Ava. Basil has a strong personality. In addition, kindness doesn’t seem to come natural for Basil.

Basil’s parents are trying to teach him the importance of kindness. He thinks kindness is too much work. By chance, Basil’s family meets an old lady, an encounter which sets up a chain of events and teachable moments in kindness.

This is a great read-aloud for parents needing to help their children learn to get along and share. This book is especially for young toddlers and written for ages 2-8 years old. Your child will want you to read this over and over again.

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