Flesh Puppets (Stepping Stones 2): Alex Harbinger

Flesh Puppets (Stepping Stones 2): Alex Harbinger

Flesh Puppets : Alex Harbinger“Stepping Stones” follows survivors in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by deadly creatures. A thin layer of fog hovers a few stories off the ground, encompassing the world and creating a killing field for the monsters known as dwellers. Unable to pass up through the mist, they lurk in the overcast netherworld, waiting for the remnants of humanity to risk venturing below from their encampments above the clouds. With the streets no longer safe, buildings themselves have become stepping stones to travel over the lurking evil.

Flesh Puppets:
It has been a few months since Rex’s confrontations with Bathory and Vlad. Having recuperated her strength, she is now ready to focus on her next target, an alpha that hides in the shadows better than any other: Mary.

Miles from civilization, the elusive dweller lies in wait. However, the branches of this evil are far easier to find than their roots. With help from a previous acquaintance, Kaleb Isaacs, as well as his team of hunters, Rex becomes ensnared in a downward spiral of manipulated human corpses, dweller hybrids, and a beast of terrifying power.

From cloud-covered streets to labyrinths of tunnels and a town forever cast in darkness, Mary seems to be a coward who attacks only from a distance. However, Rex will soon find that her white whale, Inferno, may not be in a league all his own.

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