Closet : Eric John Swanson


Closet : Eric John Swanson

Closet : Eric John SwansonCloset

Derek just graduated from seminary and is having a hard time finding a job. Out of frustration he starts to read a book with all the answers, but all it does is open a dark portal to another world. A gruesome looking demon and his sinister servant Sally leverage this opportunity to kidnap his wife and mentally disabled son. Now Derek must enter the closet to embark on a nightmarish adventure into the depths where no man would dare to go.

But Derek is not alone. The Holy Spirit comes to aid him on this quest, but will this be enough? Will Derek listen to what the Spirit is telling him or will he give into fear and lose those he loves? Then again, does he really love his son and wife enough to save them? His wife hasn’t been the most loving and his son doesn’t even talk. Derek will have to fight off thoughts of giving up as he makes his way through utter darkness.

He will also need great amounts of fortitude as he comes against the likes of Sally and other servants bent on  his ultimate destruction. There will be zombies who desire nothing but blood. There will be sand creatures dragging unsuspecting people into the ground. Then there is always the demon, Rah, who can destroy a person from the outside and if that fails who will go inside and break a person down until there is nothing left but a servant yearning for blood and destruction.

Join Derek on this epic adventure to rescue his family with the help of the seven fold nature of the Holy Spirit.

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