Entangled Duality: The Resistance : Jeremy HughesOver long periods of time, great civilizations rise and fall. The budding society constructs their monuments amongst the ruins of the last. But when they fall completely, mankind resorts to its more primal instincts. Around the year 18,500 CE, such a dystopia rises from the ashes of its many corrupt predecessors. Food is scarce, water is tainted, shelter is primitive, and the neighbors aren’t very friendly.

In the first volume of the “Entangled Duality” series, discover how a small boy navigates the treacherous waters of adolescence on his way to adulthood during this exceptionally difficult time. When he stumbles upon and activates ancient technology, will it improve his life or complicate it beyond all measure?

How will he handle the tyrannical and unethical nature of the Empire? Will he fight for the freedom of the people or will he be consumed in the bitter millennia-long battle for ultimate power? How will he balance this responsibility with his newfound attraction to the woman that saves him? How will her presence influence his choices?

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Entangled Duality: The Resistance : Jeremy Hughes

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