Invisiboy : Elizabeth Hartley


Thursday 1st March started off much like any other day with no reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary would happen. In fact, Thursday’s were 12 year old Archie’s favourite as there was a double games period in the afternoon which often meant playing cricket, rugby or his beloved soccer.

As he sat on the bus that morning chattering to best friends, Daniel and Jack, and munching on his toast, he could never have imagined that today was going to be the day when his life changed forever. Today was also going to be a life changer for Mr. Leak the science teacher. He had no classes on Thursday afternoons from 2.00pm onwards which left him lots of time, undisturbed to devote to his newest project. And this most recent project was exciting, very exciting indeed.

He had toiled long hours testing and retesting his calculations and theories. He was convinced that finally he was close, very, very close to the breakthrough that would mark the pinnacle of his career. Today was going to be the day that his life changed forever. Of that he was certain. How right he was.

For to Mr. Leak’s dismay, Thursday the 1st of March was the day that his and Archie’s paths would unexpectedly cross, with unimaginable consequences which would send the 12 year old boy on an exciting, scary and at times extremely amusing adventure.

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Invisiboy : Elizabeth Hartley

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