My Doctor and Me ABC : Dr. Stephanie CoxMy Doctor and Me ABC

Take your child on an alphabet journey through the sights and sounds of a visit to their doctor’s office in this colorfully illustrated, fun, rhyming ABC book! They will also get a dose of healthy advice along the way. Preparing your child for a visit to the doctor’s office can help ease any fears they may have, and make the visit more enjoyable for everyone.

Written by a Family Physician with years of experience taking care of children of all ages, this book will introduce your child to concepts associated with a typical visit to the doctor’s office such as getting their height, weight and blood pressure measured and checking their vision. It also discusses healthy habits such as exercising and getting adequate sleep.

The lively rhyming verses and adorable illustrations will captivate your child’s attention, they will be learning about medicine while having fun! Who knows, they may want to become a doctor, too!

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My Doctor and Me ABC : Dr. Stephanie Cox

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