The Volunteer : D K King

The Volunteer

The Volunteer : D K King

The Volunteer : D K KingThe Volunteer

Houston Police Homicide Detective Frank Tipton is a man who goes to work every day into the underbelly of the Texas Bayou City. The things he has seen and the people he has interacted with during his 30 plus years on the force, has given him nightmares for years, and left him a cold and angry man.

Frank’s life and career spiral out of control when his partner is killed during a routine investigation. He feels personally responsible for her death and decides that after thirty years, he just can’t do it anymore. He turns in his retirement papers and turns to the bottle in order to cope with his depression. With pressure from his ex lieutenant, Frank is asked to volunteer to help train a young detective in Magnolia, Texas. A woman with a striking resemblance to the partner he had just lost.

But all is not what it appears to be in this sleepy country town. Can Tipton muster the strength to solve a series of murders, or will this case be the one that finally takes him down?

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