Christianity a Flawed Religion : Warren William LuceHow Christian Dogma Inadvertently Keeps Humanity in Bondage to Sin and a Suffering World and How To Fix It

This book shows how Christian dogma has strayed far from God’s word and the teachings of Jesus Christ, the harm it does, and what to do about it. That dogma claims that sin is innate in our character, having inherited it from Adam, and there is nothing we can do to change that. Therefore, not being perfect, we are deserving of God’s condemnation to hell.

But God says we are magnificent beings, like Him. We are not at fault for Adam’s disobedience. He says we can turn from any sin, do what is right and good and He will forgive us as long as we forgive others

Jesus said go and sin no more and told us how to do it. He said we are the light of the world, let our good works shine. He said when you show kind caring and forgiving love to everyone, you will enjoy life and your destiny will be heaven.

Based on the words of God and Jesus, this book explores a new reality of religion which, when followed, will make our world better, perhaps even the paradise that was intended for us.

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Christianity a Flawed Religion : Warren William Luce

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