Searching for Swimmers : Casey Claunch

Searching for Swimmers

“There’s also a twenty percent chance you’ll contract herpes. What’s the chance you’ll contract love?”

At age 37, Jason Purdue is done with sex in general and romance in particular. He’s even happy that the sperm he sent to a cryogenics lab to be frozen is set for termination. Or is it? When an email informs Jason that his sperm is missing, he begins a frantic, cross country search for the possible recipient. Is it free spirited Sheila, enigmatic Christina, or serious Gabrielle, who is carrying Jason’s future baby? And why does he need to find out anyways?

Searching for Swimmers is a story about birth, bewilderment and bibaciousness for the cynical underachiever in all of us.


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Searching for Swimmers : Casey Claunch

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