Beyond the Fence : Sheldon Peart

Beyond the Fence : Sheldon Peart

Beyond the Fence : Sheldon PeartBeyond the Fence

When Vctor Buddom erects an electrified fence on his property, his objective was to eliminate praedial thieves.

But after a man is electrocuted and another brutally murdered, the fence becomes the centre of a shocking mystery.

Inspector Donovan Black is assigned to the case, but things take a turn for the worse when his partner is murdered on the Buddom property.

Inspector Black launches his investigation, but an ingenious plan to conceal murder sets him off on conflicting leads.

With puzzling and chilling evidence pointing to several persons will the police unearth the real story?

A searing and suspenseful tale filled with plots and counter plots, blackmail and seduction, the exciting thriller leaves the reader constantly guessing and on the brink of unimaginable reveals.

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