Bangkok Delusions : Zach J BrodskyBangkok Delusions is an exciting new entry into the Bangkok books scene.

With equal amounts of joy, despair and even at times hope Zach J Brodsky takes us on a tour of an array of absurd characters all milling around a small area of Bangkok.

We follow Pinky, a fiercely independent and intelligent woman trying to eke out a better life for her and her friend Ting. Scotty Marshall is a classic lost American, hopelessly falling for someone who is at best indifferent to him. Bob Lowe is a 40-something English teacher who drinks more than he teaches, while his vile, arrogant friend Alf Hayes, a small-time criminal has aspirations of hitting the big time!

Their lives overlap in hilarious, tragic and fascinating ways.




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Bangkok Delusions : Zach J Brodsky

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