Authentigrate : Alicia Partee

Authentigrate : Alicia Partee

Authentigrate : Alicia ParteeEverything You Need to Know About Successfully Managing a Move to a New Culture

Few changes in life are more dramatic and traumatic than moving overseas into a new culture. At some point during the process of building a new life in a new land, everyone finds themselves wondering, “What happened?” and, “Who am I?” and, “Is this all there is?”

Authentigrate, shows readers how to find their truest self before, during, and after a move so that the mind, body, and soul can weather culture shock with grace and poise. Faking it until making it was yesterday’s advice- daily self-care uncovers a person’s authentic being which allows them to receive gradual understanding and enlightenment during times of transition. Living in harmony with the true self allows a person to help themselves and their family find comfort in a new home. Authentigrate offers:
· How to accept the inevitability of change
The difference between change and transitions
How to work through culture shock
How to understand acculturation
Dealing with relocation
How to help trailing spouses and children
How to prepare children to travel overseas
The ten elements of transition
The principles of the process of authentigration
Great stories and examples of adjusting to a new culture

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