AquaBlue : Kimberly Dawn

AquaBlue : Kimberly Dawn

AquaBlue : Kimberly DawnAquaBlue

AquaBlue is a popular and helpful cloud living in the secret town of Cloud City where all the clouds have magical powers and talents.

As AquaBlue’s tenth birthday approaches, she believes the entire town has forgotten her special day.

After seeking advice from her friend Moody Cloud, AquaBlue decides to run away, hide in the dark lands, and make everyone feel bad for hurting her feelings.

But little does she know that the town has been planning a surprise party for her!

Will she make it back in time or will she be stuck in the dark lands forever?

In this charming children’s tale, a magical little cloud who mistakenly believes her town has forgotten her birthday learns that it’s always best to make good choices in life.

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