Runt and Mumble : Anton Apperley

Runt and Mumble

Runt and Mumble : Anton Apperley

Runt and Mumble : Anton ApperleyRunt and Mumble – A Tale of Love and War

In Runt and Mumble: A Tale of Love and War, rats and mice take on human characteristics. They end up having the same dilemmas, but with an emotional, spiritual and political undertone.

Runt’s gentle demeanor and small stature make him an easy target for abuse by other rats in the horde. Mumble, on the other hand, is an overgrown mouse whose slowness and large girth make her the laughingstock of her colony. A chance meeting between the two outcasts creates an unlikely friendship, as well as the chance for a new life of their own.

Although rejected by their own societies, Runt and Mumbles relationship sparks a war between rats and mice as they fight for ultimate control over food and territory. With their lives in danger and their freedom slipping away, Runt and Mumble find themselves in a worse situation than when they first met, and it seems that nothing short of a miracle could help them now.

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