A’Mused : Sandy Coccia

A’Mused : Sandy Coccia



“A compelling story, great characters, and tight action make this book a wonderful read for both children and adults.”

Shallot Public School has a secret – a dark secret that 12-year-old Annie is about to step right into. The eighth grade should be easy for her. She’s smart, a big-hearted dreamer and hopeful writer, but dreams and passion can’t possibly prepare her for what she encounters when she enters Miss Henshaw’s class on the first day of school.

Miss Henshaw, her favorite teacher, has been replaced by a new teacher, the evil Miss Grundy, who takes an immediate disliking to Annie. She spends the rest of the semester destroying Annie’s image, her friendships, and her inspiration.

Soon after Annie’s friends don’t trust her, her family is upset with her, and she doesn’t have the inspiration to write anymore. Just when Annie has lost all and doesn’t know what to do, she encounters an extraordinary mystical creature called a muse, who has a secret of her own.

Tammy with her long green hair and mesmerizing purple eyes is an actual muse a daughter of Olympus who comes to earth against her fathers wishes to warn Annie about Ms. Grundy’s real identity. She is a gorgon, a malicious she-demon with plans to steal humanity’s creativity, taking away their hope and turning them into her willing slaves. She knows that only Annie with her incredible imagination can stop Ms. Grundy, but she can’t do it alone.

To save her loved ones, Annie must find her courage, unite a disparate school against the darkness that is Ms. Grundy and, in the end, save Tammy from the wrath of the gods.

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