America, The Happy : Keith P. Felty

America, The Happy : Keith P. Felty

America, The Happy : Keith P. FeltyThis book is not a self-help manual, a history book, a psychology manual, or a political thesis; rather, it is a “self-hope” book for those who erroneously perceive troubled times in America.

This book is a testament that America is neither in decline, nor is it stagnate. America continues to advance as the only country ever created in which one may pursue unfettered, value-based happiness.

America’s energy cannot be altered or destroyed because it was created on the foundation of virtue. Patriots who love America and have faith in its ideals will carry it forward along with their freedom to pursue happiness.

The premises of this book are: (1) America was created on the pursuit of happiness; (2) Any actual divide exists only between the happy actors and the unhappy idlers; (3) The pursuit of happiness requires a thoughtful choice backed by action; and (4) To cure this sole division in America, the only necessary solution is this—those who have failed to pursue happiness need to start doing so NOW.

This book is a reminder that the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right. Rights come with responsibility and everyone has the choice to pursue happiness or to be unhappy. Despite naysayers and a daily barrage of doomsday predictions, America will continue to advance through the unique power of each individual who chooses to pursue a little piece of happiness each day. The whole of America is the sum of its individuals. As its diverse individual parts pursue happiness in greater numbers, so too does America shine as a beacon of hope for all to see.

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