An Angel’s Alternative : Rick Brindle

An Angel's Alternative

An Angel’s Alternative Riverside General Hospital, a place of harsh realities. On Ingram Ward, Staff Nurse John Hunter is a man on the edge. Unable to move on from the recent traumas in his life, pushed to the limit, and liking his job less and less, he makes a drugs error, and questions why he even wants to be a nurse. The incident puts him on a collision course with the hospital’s new matron. John’s best friend, Australian coronary care nurse, Dave Chiltern, discovers that helping a friend run his pub while he’s unwell can be more rewarding that his current job. Roxanne Jones, John’s girlfriend and a care assistant on Ingram Ward, is contacted by her former boyfriend, who

The Mummies of Blogspace9 : William Doonan

The Mummies of Blogspace9

The Mummies of Blogspace9 It’s a taut, high-stakes thriller about a team of archaeologists who inadvertently dig up more than they bargained for. Demons of antiquity are not easily amused, nor are those who’ve sold their souls to protect them. The Mummies of Blogspace9 will fill your heart with terror and with glee (but not at the same time, because that would be very strange, and also pointless). You’ll laugh out loud, cringe in fear, and shake your head with delight. Here are some plot elements you might enjoy: 1) undead mummies; 2) archaeology; 3) very attractive protagonists who you will develop crushes on; 4)carefully-chosen fonts; 5) delightful full-color, high-resolution illustrations. Here’s a blurb from one of Leon’s posts (Leon

Knightfall : R Jackson-Lawrence


Knightfall – Book 1 of The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight Lord of the Rings for the Call of Duty generation. When his world changing experiment is sabotaged, fifteen year old genius Benjamin Knight is cast into another world where an uneasy peace hangs in the balance. Saved from near death by a band of traders, he joins the Road Trains on their journey north as he struggles to understand what’s happened to him. However, Ben soon realises that everyone has their secrets and that no one is safe, especially when one man has the power to realise his ambitions. Friends are lost, plots revealed and battles fought as the unlikely companions seek to prevent war. Will appeal to fans of

The Tapestry : Paul Wigmore

The Tapestry

The Tapestry Until Gavin died, he had never been able to defend himself against the bullies that had tormented him throughout his childhood into his adult life. It was only once he had sold his soul to Saul, ‘The Bringer of The Black Plague’ that he became the man he should always have been. Saul was the mightiest, most bloodthirsty demon ever to wander the wasteland of Hades. Even challenging the throne of Adromoloch himself, he wasn’t done yet though. He just needed Gavins’ soul. The only one able to stem the flow of evil about to erupt from the sulphuric forest of ash beneath our feet is the psychic Clara. But can the dragons help her to ‘become’ in

The Atlas Fracture : Tim Queeney

The Atlas Fracture

The Atlas Fracture When a pioneering experiment in Antarctica somehow goes wrong, Perry Helion, an agent for the U.S. Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency (DARPA), is dispatched to investigate the remote, windswept site. Soon Perry is involved with a terrorist gang carrying out a devious plan to wreak environmental havoc on a global scale. If the murderous terrorist team succeeds with their daring plan, they will alter Antarctica forever and plunge the northern hemisphere into a sudden climate change that will kill millions. Aided only by Dr. Ellen Kaminev, a young scientist tricked into participating in the suspect Antarctic research, Perry must stop the terrorists from carrying out their destruction. In the empty reaches of the ice continent where

The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter : Emily Hill

The Ghost Chaser's Daughter

The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter TWENTY-FOUR Stories that take the reader from the high, chilly bluffs of Seattle and back in time to Civil War deathbed stories, then on to Europe; where Revolution, Angels, and Folklore mix! WAR!   WITCHES!   SORCERERS!   SPIES! Meet the most HAUNTING, and in Some Cases, MOST EVIL, Collection of Characters in The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter! What Dark Forces prowl, just Beyond The Grave, Ever vigilant for an opportunity to return to, the Land of The Living? Ghosts, and Beasts, and The Forever-Damned Roam this terrain, according to The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter. Coyotes bay at a blood red moon. . . Doors slam shut, and then slowly creak open. . . Footsteps follow The Reader into The Night

An Unlikely Hero : Tierney James

An Unlikely Hero : Tierney James

An Unlikely Hero Tessa Scott is living the American dream-big house, successful husband, and three beautiful children.No one would suspect a Libyan terrorist is at work nearby. When Tessa sends her family on vacation after another fight with her husband, she is expecting a relaxing week of solitude and reflection. Instead she is confronted with a bomb in her backyard, and the terrorist group who are looking for it. Tessa survives only due to the entrance of Captain Chase Hunter, a man who seems just as dangerous as the terrorists. Unsure who she can trust, Tessa is drawn into his secret world of terrorists and national security. Powerless to resist Tessa is forced to survive the unthinkable, from confronting perilous

Where’s Merrill? : Gearoid O’Neary

Where's Merrill?

Where’s Merrill? A genealogical thriller “Where’s Merrill?” is a uniquely crafted mystery thriller based upon real life historical events. In fact, it is two inter-related stories in one novel set in different timeframes, namely the past and the present. An Irish genealogist called Jed is commissioned by Tim, an American client, who needs to understand more about his mysterious maternal ancestry. Fate had dictated that Tim never got the chance to meet his grandparents, and he didn’t even know the name of his mother’s father. She refused to tell Tim, even on her death bed. Why? That was a question which troubled Tim as he witnessed his mother’s melancholy throughout his adult life, and after her death he resolved to find