Yiayia’s Kitchen Family Traditions : Brianna Koucos Midgley

Yiayia’s Kitchen Family Traditions : Brianna Koucos Midgley

Yiayia's Kitchen Family Traditions : Brianna Koucos Midgley“When I spent time in Yiayia’s kitchen, she taught me about ingredients and recipes. I also learned about my heritage and many Greek traditions. While I learned to cook and bake, Yiayia also taught me important lessons about life.”

In Yiayia’s Kitchen, the most important thing is family. Koukla worries because her cookies don’t look as good as those Yiayia (Grandmother) and Theia (Aunt) are making. Her cookies are different. They don’t look as pretty, and it makes her sad. She longs to make the same beautiful shapes as her aunt and grandmother. Yiayia sees she is upset and explains she didn’t always know how to make such perfect cookies. She, too, had to learn. Yiayia tells Koukla the cookies will be delicious because they all made them together, and even if they look different on the outside, they came from the same ingredients.

A heartwarming story about tradition, family and unconditional love, Yiayia’s Kitchen, Family Traditions will be a favorite for readers of all ages.

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