African Cowboy : U.D. Abdulkareem

African Cowboy

When the polygamous and patriarchal Baffa forsakes his adventurous children, Ribado and Halimah, for their rebellious attitudes against the traditions and cultures of their society, but finds that he has only created a vicious cycle.

Ribado and his younger sister, Halimah, are mere teenagers but are wise and spirited. They fight against all odds to get an education, which is taboo in their society, but face persecution and numerous challenges.

Baffa callously disowns his teenage children, Ribado and Halimah, and divorces their mother because they are more interested in learning about the world than following the traditions and prescribed roles of their tribe. Out of pity, Mr Danladi adopts Halimah and helps her complete a degree, which she uses to achieve great success. Baffa, who neglects his daughter for more than twenty years, eventually loses his fortune, returns to her and asks her to renounce Mr Danladi and recognise him again as her father.

If you were in Halimah’s shoes, what would you do to resolve this complex conflict between your biological father and your adoptive father?


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African Cowboy : U.D. Abdulkareem

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