This Book Wants You To Be Happy! : Angela Nancy

This Book Wants You To Be Happy! : Angela Nancy

This Book Wants You To Be Happy!

The pandemic affects everyone, I know it is not easy to have lost someone dear to us, or our dream job, or our chance for education.  There is a need to take better care of our spirit and mental health.

I started writing this book for this reason.

Long-term mental health damage will result from prolonged social, family, and financial turmoil. However, if we address these issues promptly, we may still be able to prevent a season of mourning from becoming a lifetime of mourning.

Being a millennial at birth is a blessing. As a result, society views me as such, as do my peers, and I, like the majority of millennials, reject such labels.
Until I met my future husband and got to know his family, I didn’t know much about the baby-boomer generation or the silent generations. Then, I see that the “characteristics” of millennials that the internet describes are somewhat accurate.

I predicted that the Covid-19 pandemic, which began in January 2020 and affected the majority of the world’s population, would end within a few months. I ended up paying a lot for these wrong calculations. My life was halted here for two years due to the closure of the borders between nations, and my financial stress began to become overwhelming.

I had no idea that I would one day write books. I decided to start writing books because the pandemic, this unique circumstance, forced me to pursue a completely new career path. The next concern is which subjects to write about.

As a result, I begin to write about self-help books. I believe that humanity as a whole has undergone something unprecedented in our time, and it will take several years to recover from such a traumatic experience, even after the pandemic has passed.

Pfizer is applying for urgent approval for the Covid-19 pills, and the company plans to disclose the drug’s chemical formula so that others can mass produce it while I am writing this book. That is a worthy action. I hope the pandemic ends here.

Be optimistic at all times and in any circumstance. The external world is beyond our control; We can only control ourselves. The chaos and danger are real. However, being either optimistic or pessimistic is merely a decision that we are free to make. During the COVID-19 pandemic, my fiancé taught me this.

I hope this will assist you in overcoming any challenging circumstances.

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