The WorldReaver : S.J. Filiszar

The WorldReaver : S.J. Filiszar

The WorldReaver : S.J. FiliszarThe WorldReaver: And the Atlas of Infinity

The Veritus wizard is cursed with dreamless sleep. In return, they can harness great power without the need for written spells and writs as the vast majority require. When Jarek is forced into his first dream, it reveals to him that a terrible power was stolen from the past and is about to be unleashed to ravage human flesh and awaken three ancient human weapons that will thrust the world into a dark, magicless time of war and oppression—which lies just over the horizon.

Living in a time when natural magic has dissipated, it has begun to be produced in spellhouses for use by the general public. The Holy Order of the Crucian is a sect determined to fight the tide of magic’s rebirth by rending Spellhouses to dust and stripping the worlds wights of the ability to harness power those institutions emblazon onto parchment. As only the initial phase of their goals, they then plot to raise the worst of the Ancient Weapons, the WorldReaver, with which to achieve their goal: the creation of a magicless world they can enslave.

If they succeed, the Crucian will leave the world without magic to fight the other Weapons: the Disease Wroth, the Wicked Weapon and the Cannibal are rising into their world to bring on a war the likes of which have been unseen for millennia; the likes of which they cannot fight off; the likes of which Jarek must remedy by charge of his birthright. As the only one capable, it is his destiny to steady the wildly spinning downfall of humanity. To do this he needs the Atlas of Infinity: a phantom book said to write for its wielder a palpable depiction of events that he can alter.

But the book is said not to exist. Countless men have wasted away into madness in search of this imaginary tome. None have ever seen it; but while he finds the answers to his dreams, Jarek must find the book. Or those that are manipulating him may go unnoticed and succeed in their greater schemes implemented by the hand of an elusive puppeteer.

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