The Sun Will Rise Again : Kristine Ohkubo

The Sun Will Rise Again : Kristine Ohkubo

The Sun Will Rise Again : Kristine OhkuboWorld War II was without question the deadliest war in history. Of the estimated 70 million people killed, 50 to 55 million were civilians.

The United States managed to stay out of the war that was ravaging the rest of the world until the day when the Empire of Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, “a date which will live in infamy.” What prompted the Japanese to wage war with the United States? Was the attack really a surprise or was it a carefully orchestrated event by Washington to anger the American public enough to want to go to war? Did the Japanese government truly believe that they would prevail against the military might of the United States?

The losses the Japanese military experienced during the Pacific War were unforeseeable. The suffering endured by the Japanese people was unimaginable. By the end of World War II, Japan had persevered through eight years of war, taking into account the Second Sino-Japanese War which began in 1937. The country lay in ruins and the morale of its people was at an all-time low, but in the land of the rising sun, The Sun Will Rise Again!

Follow Japan’s journey from a nation vanquished to a nation victorious in this book that details the grim realities of war, politics, racism, and blind devotion.

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