The Ringmaster’s Tale : Helen Wallace-Iles

The Ringmaster’s Tale : Helen Wallace-Iles

The Ringmaster's Tale : Helen Wallace-IlesThe Ringmaster’s Tale: Autism, Asperger’s, Anarchy!

One woman’s remarkable journey from desperation to hope, successfully parenting four children on the autism spectrum. Hilarious, poignant and full of brilliant advice, her voice will inspire you to enjoy your life, whether it’s touched by autism or not.

Helen Wallace-Iles has a wealth of experience in dealing with autism, both personally – as mother to four children on the spectrum – and professionally in her work as a successful hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. She is the CEO and founder of registered charity Autism All Stars Foundation UK and works tirelessly promoting autism awareness and acceptance. Helen spends her days turning chaos into calm at her home in Surrey, where she lives with her extraordinary family, whose motto is ‘We don’t do normal in this house’.

Whether you’re new to the world of autism or have years of experience under your belt, this book is a unique and fascinating read. It provides a detailed guide to what autism is, and more importantly what it isn’t, as well as offering unique self-help strategies and practical advice that can genuinely lead to a better quality of life for you and your family.

Told in an easy, informal style, the book includes many highly relatable anecdotes that will make you laugh, move you to tears, and most importantly give you a true insight into just how much can be achieved when you adopt a positive approach to living with this complex and intriguing condition.

A book you’ll find hard to put down and impossible to forget.

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