The Revenge of the Virgos : R. S. Belingtön

The Revenge of the Virgos : R. S. Belingtön

The Revenge of the VirgosSet in the late 1800s, The Revenge of the Virgos is an epic fantasy, mystery, romance, and psychological thriller about ordinary life under threat from the occult.

Britain’s most powerful politician: Lord Humboldt, finds himself whisked into the world of the mysterious and the paranormal. His recruiter: Sara Drake, convinces him that they have the same enemy; a man named Gorringo Elgin.
The man in question is the only “thing” that’s stopping Sara from ruling the world unopposed.
Now, it is time for Sara to exact her revenge; with Humboldt on her side, she ends up having global influence which culminates in her and Humboldt planning to restructure the order of the entire world and beyond.

In this daring endeavor, where the world is under threat from an invisible enemy, the clock is ticking and various questionable individuals and animals stand to profit from the demise of the world as we know it; including a legendary anthropomorphic jackal who has a very compelling agenda.
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