The Evilution of America : Leo J. BattenhausenThe Evilution of America

America today has been all but depleted of morality, decency, patriotism, family and God.

The Media along with the political powers have worked very hard together to shape and brainwash our culture into one of nearly complete control and manipulation to meet their desire for a New World Order or single One World Government. Such a government has been predicted in the Bible and will have the masses prepared for the ultimate evil reign of the Antichrist.

Just as America was nearing the finish line of evil victory, a miracle happened against all odds and predictions that gained Donald J. Trump victory as president of the United States. The Evilution of America exposes how evil forces have not only taken a seat in our movies, music and media, but ultimately in the White House itself. That is, until the election of 2016.


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The Evilution of America : Leo J. Battenhausen

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