The Door : Keith Gilbert


The Door : Keith Gilbert

The Door : Keith GilbertThe Door

The demons that haunt Mason Waters have developed a new strategy. It is no longer enough to torment him in the night. They are appearing in the dreams of his wife, his children, and anyone close to him. They are trying to destroy Mason by any means possible, terrorizing him while causing harm, and even death to his loved ones.

To save his family he must fight back, but how does a mere mortal stand a chance against an ancient creature from a realm inhabited by millions who follow his command? Mason faces many challenges and forms new relationships on his quest. He falls in love with the enchanting Aiden, unaware she is genetically designed to ensnare him.

His wife and children are being ruthlessly victimized while Mason is in the middle of forming an army for a final battle against creatures of supernatural strength and ability; Adramelech, Erebus the tall man, and the black hulk Belphegor. Sidney the dancer has vowed to never leave his side, and he has a son on the way by the beautiful Aiden.

Mason was born with the ability to bring forth a Door that allows him entrance into alternate realities, and this ability is now his only chance to thwart evil for good.

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