The Way of Life : Sue Curran

The Way of Life : Sue Curran

 The Way of Life : Sue CurranThe Way of Life

People are never what they seem to be.

Take four women, friends since school. Add four men, six days and ninety-five miles of breathtaking Scottish Highland scenery, and you have a recipe for a journey filled with secrets and lies, accusations and apologies, laughter and tears, aches and pains, blisters and midge bites.

Joy is a perfectionist who doesn’t do failure. Will her most protected and guarded secret revealed the night before the holiday blow apart the fragile mask of her perfect marriage?

Kathy’s pleasant demeanour hides a demoralised woman with little self belief. Has she the courage to put her secret D-T-Day plan into action and start a new life?

Ruth is caring, lively and funny but also lonely and bored. The last place she expects to find a new challenge is in the middle of the Scottish Highlands.
Trish, a straight talking woman, who cares deeply for her loved ones, tests her marriage when she refuses to follow her own ‘honesty is the best policy’ approach.

As the miles roll on, the unrelenting heatwave saps their energy. Feet are weary and blistered, tempers become frayed and accusations are made. With nowhere to hide in the solitude of the mountain footpath, emotions are exposed in all their rawness, and truth and honesty finally find their voice.

The Way of Life is a story of relationships, secrets, trust, honesty, and discovering that being true to yourself sometimes means being strong enough to make changes, no matter how difficult that may be.

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